Support us to pay the server and website hosting! [1. Round - Server]

    By VTX,
    It's time to pay the hostings. The MTA server is due to July 12, and this website will expire on August 31. Our MTA server costs around 23 €, and the website is around 17 € for a year.
    This means we need to gain a total of 40 € to keep our community alive and well for another year. There are 2 rounds: the first is for the server hosting, and the second will fund the website. This is the first round now, and the money will go to pay our MTA server hosting. You have time until July 12.
    The goal in this first round is 23 €. And this is the point, where we need you.
    If you help us with some money, you'll receive premium membership on our server. Here are the options: 2 € = 10 days
    5 € = 28 days = 4 weeks
    10 € = 70 days = 10 weeks
    15 € = 105 days = 15 weeks
    20 € = 175 days = 25 weeks + Free map-buying
    50 € = Infinite premium membership + Free map-buying + ? (tell us what you want!)   How to donate: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's a little teaser what can it do:

    Members come and go...

    By VTX,
    Hey guys!   So as it happens at almost every clan, there are members, who become inactive. That's bad, because they are in the member's list, and they have some rights on the server.. but mostly because they've stopped playing with us. Probably they have their rational explanation tho...   On the other hand, there are some new trial members, who are very promising, and I'm glad that I can write this down.   We've learned this lesson, so me and the other admins/smods are trying to accept players in the trial state who seem reliable to be active. And at this point I would like to point out that being "active" is not equal to nolifing. Being active can mean that you come on the server and play like 1-2 times a week. Let's say 3-4 hours a week is the minimum. I think that can be done by all of our members.     

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