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  3. Good English for communicate,I see you are active and friendly guy! Good Luck! You'll be test by one of fh member on 5 maps(3 random +2 custom)
  4. Have a good life bro.. I always looked up to you :(<3


    Thanks for everything you've done for us.. and take care man. You will always be in our hearts FOREVER, I DONT CARE THAT THIS IS JUST A GAME, WE ARE FAM

    Best regards, Fiddle/Geri -your friend

  5. Here to close this story. Written by SpecT.
  6. TFW when you gay af but u still type #nohomo just to not let know others that you are ;_; #nohomo
  7. aight. better than nothing #nohomo
  8. Optic Plox ;_; I know you would like too, but the only thing u can get is D
  9. She is...
  10. Sad ur not a grill.. but gl.
  11. YES Good luck <3
  12. Name: Dawid Age: 16In-game name: VeXCountry: PolandPlaying MTA since and a short MTA history: Playing Since 2009, I've been in a few teams. Mostly in the smaller ones. Had few servers, not for so long.Servers I play on (nowadays): ER, nG, fH, Toxic (Rarely)About myself: i love playing games and listening to music, i could do both all day long :vWhy I would like to join fH- (a few sentences): Just for itself fun, for people, gaming with them, so for the community. I Love fH community and i would love to join it :D Have you ever been a moderator/smod/admin?: I've been, a lot of times, never had problems with it. Do you know scripting or mapping, maybe both?: I have few maps, but never finished them, no motivation to finish. Do you have a favorite mapper/map?: Mostly Cookie and Brian. I love Shrekt Collection, Brian vol.13 (Permiss its your fault) What are you doing in your freetime?: Listening to Music :D Favourite music?: I Dont have Fav. one but mostly i listen to: Trap, Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, D'n'B, Glitch Hop Genre.
  13. I'm worried man... I miss you.
  14. Earlier
  15. I updated my post
  16. This is barely enough. Please write more, fill up those lines.
  17. gl friend
  18. Name: Karmo Age: 17 In-game name: #Onyx Country: Estonia Playing MTA since and a short MTA history: I started playing MTA since 2014 The beginning was hard to me because I didn't know anything, like how to turn a car First server where i played was Vita and there i learned the basic things A few months after i played in Vita server then i did my own server with my friend, but we closed the server after 2 months Then I started mapping and I finished my first map and after that I had no more motivation to make more maps I quit playing with MTA in 2015 and i joined back at 2017 I had before 6 friends who played with me, but now only 1 playing with me because others do not play anymore Servers I play on: fh- but sometimes on PvS About Myself: In my free time, I like to play football, go to the gym, listen music and ofc i like to play MTA In the summer I do a car trips and other stuff with my friends Why I would like to join fH- (a few sentences): I would like to join this clan, because i like this server and these people on there I like and enjoy playing MTA Have you ever been a moderator/smod/admin? yes Do you know scripting or mapping, maybe both? mapping How did you get into MTA? my friend called me Usually how many hours do you play MTA a day? 3-4 hours Do you have a favorite mapper/map? (If yes, who/which?) Packy What are you doing in your freetime? Playing MTA and football Favourite music? I don't have favourite but I like EDM Favourite drink? coca-cola
  19. #Against

    1. Zeke^



    2. fH-Optic


      ¯\_ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°_/¯

    3. Zeke^
  20. We are giving a prize for the guy who finds him.
  21. Hi, i can't find Spect since march 20, been 8 days! This aint a joke!
  22. https://web.facebook.com/Alkoholicariiostalisportasii/videos/1121224491321967/
  23. We dont have DD Squad Thanks for your join request.. Declined!
  24. If u dont play DM this will be canceled m8
  25. i dont play DM now just DD
  26. It's not a enough join request also complicated... I don't even see you in server You must play 24 hours! Fix your Join Request and play 24 hours than we will discuss what we can do for you.
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