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Rules [Updated 25.07.2016]

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General rules:
1. You may not do actions which might lead to conflicts and fights between players.
2. Insulting and racism are strictly forbidden unless it is meant to be a joke and doesn't hurt player's dignity!
3. Any kind of advertising and spamming is forbidden!
4. Each administrator has the right to decide how to punish you.
5. You may respect the staff of From Hell Clan and their actions against the rule breakers!
6. The begging for goods (money, voteredo, etc.) is strictly forbidden!
7. The main and only allowed language is English.
8. You may not insult the server and/or any of the members of From Hell Clan!
9. You may not use someone's nick unless it's allowed by a staff member.
10. You may not use From Hell's clan tag unless you are a part of the clan.
11. If you get banned for a second time, the ban length will be permanent (if the 1st ban was for a valid reason).
12. Shortcutting is only allowed unless it doesn't cut more than 1 minute of regular playing.
13. In case you find a security hole/bug you MUST inform the developer and NOT use it for your own good! Abusing this rule results in a ban (depends what the bug is - temporary or permanent)
14. Camping is strictly forbidden. If you are AFK use the command /afk


Staff rules:
1. Every member of the clan is able to get warned, punished and kicked from the community.
2. The rights you have got as a clan member may not be abused in any way!
3. Every member must wear the clan tag. If not that expresses an attempt to leave the clan.
4. Setting of redo (fredo) or direct map restart (redo) without the permission of the other players is restricted for all clan members and only allowed for Administrators. To prevent problems with this rule use the vote system!
5. Abusing the use of forceredo and direct redo is forbidden.  Abusing this rule results in demote!

Find more (staff only): Here

Clanwar rules:
1. If you feel like you can't do it to come on the clanwar tell the cw-manager or the leaders.
2. Not participating in the clan wars (when you are main player) several times (max 3) results in demote and cw block.
3. Spamming, insulting, ragequitting and other aggressive acts while clanwar will result in demote and cw block.
4. During clanwars you MUST write in English in teamchat.


NOTE: The rules above are for everyone since today (15.07.2016)

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