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[PENDING] Black Hawk Down vs From Hell

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You are :  Black Hawk Down

Clan Website : bhd-team.com
Contact : iranlee-

Clan War Information

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 
to be discussed
Time (GMT+1):  to be discussed
Server: Black Hawk Down Clan War Server
Number of the players: 
5 vs 5
Number of the maps:  5 maps for each team + redo
Number of Rounds: 20 rounds

fH - From HELL




#BHD! Black Hawk Down 




Clan War Rules

The team whose player gone further gets the point.
- In case of camping, the camper will be eliminated, and we will play the current map again.
- If someone times out before the map starts, we wait for his/her reconnect and play the map again. If he/she can't reconnect in 5 minutes, we continue the war with an other player.
- If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive and playing), we restart the current map, and wait for his/her comeback. If he/she can't reconnect in 5 minutes, we continue the war with an other player.
- If someone lags too much, reserve player replaces his/her post.
- If it is a tie (dying at the same spot), we restart the actual map, and the points stay the same.

- Be friendly to all of the players! In case of arguing, the player who caused the harm will be muted.
- Only english is enabled in the main chat, and only the representers of the two clans are allowed to talk there from the start of the war. (That means 1 enemy, 1 home player.)
- Shorcuts are not allowed. In case of shortcutting, the player will be replaced by a reserve without any chance of coming back.
- Wait until every alive player picked the hunter and start to shoot then! In case of shooting on a player who did not finish the map, the shooter will be replaced by a reserve without any chance of coming back, and the actual map will be restarted.
- Backshooting is not allowed at all! In case of backshooting, we play a hunter map with the players who reached the hunter.
- Hunter fight is allowed with only 1 vs 1 player!

Minimum FPS: 35
Maximum Ping:250

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