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    [WON 18-2] fH- vs ~|fD|~ Clanwar Request

    By DragoN,


    Server: fH- From Hell
    Appointment: 2016-02-28

    Gametype: DM

    Players: 5+3

    Website: http://fastdrivers.nl

    Teams: fH- vs ~|fD|~


    fH- Players:

    - VTX
    - Dragon
    - Zeke
    - Haru
    - Titan

    - Optic
    - SpecT

    - FaZZ

    ~|fD|~ Players:

    - #DS0TM
    - Syrus
    - Kiss
    - BoemUrDead
    - 9gag


    - Itzzpat
    - Durex


    From Hell:

    - Redrum - Follow Me
    - Cosa Nostra Ft. Skotinka - X-Games
    - DC v13 - Set Fire To Everybody
    - Tampon ft. Acerus - From Universe to Earth
    - xLui5 Ft. Chipy Ft. BenT - Assassinate All II




    - Symon v7 - Deep power paradise
    - D4sjoker - vol8 - Say Goodbay
    - Creshez v4 - Chasing infinity II
    - Snake v9
    - Delete v9 - Hapilly Ever After



    The player who came furthest wins the map. If the furthest player dies, other players from the other team still have a chance to get further in the map.
    If the last two player of each team die at the same part ( same loop, same jump, etc. We won

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