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  1. I was impressed of the good english used in the join request. And last night I met you on the server for the first time and obviously your english wasn't that good. I mean come on you are turning 19 in few days, you are german and you don't know proper english? Seems fishy a bit. I will leave one thing here: Spot the difference - https://sixth-sen.se/index.php?/forums/topic/269-join-request-by-nano/#comment-1576
  2. Ye ye
  3. Optic's 10 minutes

  4. 1. Login panel - Lowered the loading data delay per module (less waiting) 2. Login panel - If you already have a registered account it will infrom you by a notification which will include the name of your account 3. Login panel - Fixed a problem with the notification calling 4. UI - The Christmas hats are disabled now 5. UI - Fixed a problem that may occur with the animating of the VR indication 6. VoteRedo - Fixed an issue with the remove fredo function (it won't prevent the voteredo but only the fredo)
  5. 1. UI - Added VR indication 2. UI - Map names (current and next) should be accurate now 3. UI - The Christmas hats are back 4. Login panel - New look and a new method of loading all the data - this is meant to prevent the huge lag spikes when you join the server 5. Gamemode - Added a custom alive player check which should prevent the random Auto B problems (last one keeps playing) [Experimental]
  6. UPDATE Updated version of UltraThing is out. The most important about it is that it is supported by MTA 1.5.3 and works fine for both NVidia and AMD Enjoy! UltraThing.zip
  7. New bass boosts Emalkay - Fabrication [Bass Boosted By SpecT] Major Lazer ft. Showtek - Believer [Bass Boosted By SpecT]
  8. Haha yeah for sure ... Man I'm not falling from Mars and 50% of the time I spend on the PC is working with text editors. So please don't lie to me - it makes you look really stupid. When you paste the text here it gets the background color of the website you coppied the text from. If it was from notepad the background color would be invislbe. Join request Canceled