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  1. aight. better than nothing #nohomo
  2. She is...
  3. YES Good luck <3
  4. #Against

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      ¯\_ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°_/¯

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  5. We are giving a prize for the guy who finds him.
  6. Time delayed by 30 minutes.
  7. The clanwar ender with a final score 12-8 in our favor. A big thanks to VIP for playing this clan war. Even doe they didn't have all of their players they still performed really good. Special Thanks to @DragoN for refeering the clanwar. Here are the map fastest map winners: Most Points: - fH-Optic,VIP-Cyxno (6 points) - fH-Fiddle,fH-Permiss,fH-Fazz (2 points) - VIP-Acerus, VIP-Zeron (1 point) 1.BreAkeR ft. Boost - Relevation (VIP-Cyxno) (VIP-Zeron) 2. BuDyA v.9 - A Day to Remember (fH-Optic) (fH-Optic) 3. DizzasTeR ft. Nba ft. [J]umbo ft. Crushead - Through The Nature II (fH-Optic) (fH-Permiss) 4. Darmos ft. Swalox ft. DRiVeR - The Essence of Speed (fH-Permiss) (VIP-Cyxno) 5. Rafinha ft Lemon ft Naval - We Just Wanna Run (fH-Optic) (VIP-Cyxno) 6. Canallon v3 - Noon In The Forest (VIP-Cyxno) (VIP-Cyxno) 7. Zebra ft Miketz Emotional (VIP-Cyxno) (fH-Fiddle) 8. Armada v2 - Rumble (fH-Fazz) (VIP-Acerus) 9. SebaS v15 - Craving (fH-Optic) (fH-Optic) 10. KarolPL - Grey reality I (fH-Fiddle) (fH-Fazz) Well Played Guys. Optic
  8. Maps Added
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      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , *cryinglenny*

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  10. Accepted. we will discuss the details on Skype.