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  1. Cmon bro it's been only a few more minutes
  2. Cool map bro
  3. You have requested this cw twice in the last couple of months. Is this gonna become a regular thing now? The reason is the same as listed in the previous requests. DECLINED
  4. l2p
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-xGerv5FOk #Done
  6. Tested by fH-Optic it did not go as it should. You will be tested again sometime in the following days. I suggest that you prepare for it!
  7. Would be good to see you playing more often. Good luck anyways
  8. Titn Khe analysis boi
  9. hehe that was the intention
  10. Okay i can tell you so many reasons why this funwar was not fair. First of all its a Sunday (That doesnt need any more explaining...). Secondly the temperature in my room was way to high. Thirdly when i tried to inject "stuff" into mta it didnt work which explains my bad performance. Instead of 17 ping i had 18 which means a huge disadvantage. I could keep explaining this but i think i've covered enough stuff. Just kidding gg's bros
  11. http://itsalmo.st/#funwar
  12. Zeke if you have Permiss = insta win. He's too pro for us
  13. I think we need some Spongegar in here
  14. Name of the map: [DM]Python_ft_Roskilde_-_Worlds_CrushBugs Bugs[ X ], Shortcuts [ ] Description of the exact problem: Bugged script How much interferes the problem with the map on a scale of 0 (doesnt interfere) to 10 (does heavily interfere) (write the number): - Interference on enjoyability (fun of the map) :10 - Interference on possibility (possibility of the map) :10