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  1. Here to close this story. Written by SpecT.
  2. I'm worried man... I miss you.
  3. This is barely enough. Please write more, fill up those lines.
  4. I'm very proud of you guys!! Sorry I couldn't be there tho..
  5. Declined by XP due to "inner problems".
  6. https://youtu.be/04F4xlWSFh0 #Done
  7. First we wanna see you more on the server (collect 30 hours of playtime at least) After that you'll be tested by one of the fH members on 5 maps (3 random + 2 custom)
  8. We would like to play this in the current month - preferably on 01.29. 19:00 CET
  9. Under discussion.
  10. Under discussion.
  11. Another selection will follow in the coming days. Inactive members will be kicked from the clan.
  12. Nothing to edit here. We have accepted worse jrs before. kls, you'll be tested by one of the fH members on 5 maps (3 random + 2 custom) - you'll go for trial membership. Good Luck!
  13. *laughs without anyone noticing*
  14. Under discussion.