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  1. Holy.... well, that was totally unexpected. Thank you very much for the support! The server and the site will definitely live for another year.
  2. It's time to pay the hostings. The MTA server is due to July 12, and this website will expire on August 31. Our MTA server costs around 23 €, and the website is around 17 € for a year. This means we need to gain a total of 40 € to keep our community alive and well for another year. There are 2 rounds: the first is for the server hosting, and the second will fund the website. This is the first round now, and the money will go to pay our MTA server hosting. You have time until July 12. The goal in this first round is 23 €. And this is the point, where we need you. If you help us with some money, you'll receive premium membership on our server. Here are the options: 2 € = 10 days 5 € = 28 days = 4 weeks 10 € = 70 days = 10 weeks 15 € = 105 days = 15 weeks 20 € = 175 days = 25 weeks + Free map-buying 50 € = Infinite premium membership + Free map-buying + ? (tell us what you want!) How to donate: fh-clan.ml/donate ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's a little teaser what can it do:
  3. Inactive accounts have been deleted. There are currently 16 active members in the clan right now, and 2 inactive who stay there by respect - They are SpecT and DeFane.
  4. And again... Inactive members will be kicked. That means any normal player (not smods, not admins) will be deleted from the moderator's list. Anyone who won't join until the end of this week, or explain himself by the end of this week.
  5. Here to close this story. Written by SpecT.
  6. I'm worried man... I miss you.
  7. This is barely enough. Please write more, fill up those lines.
  8. I'm very proud of you guys!! Sorry I couldn't be there tho..
  9. Declined by XP due to "inner problems".
  10. https://youtu.be/04F4xlWSFh0 #Done
  11. First we wanna see you more on the server (collect 30 hours of playtime at least) After that you'll be tested by one of the fH members on 5 maps (3 random + 2 custom)
  12. We would like to play this in the current month - preferably on 01.29. 19:00 CET
  13. Under discussion.
  14. Under discussion.