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  1. We dont have DD Squad Thanks for your join request.. Declined!
  2. It's not a enough join request also complicated... I don't even see you in server You must play 24 hours! Fix your Join Request and play 24 hours than we will discuss what we can do for you.
  3. Date: 3/4/17 Time:21:00 GMT+3 if you not available in this time add me in skype for new date and time : infroduz.mta
  4. when you are ready to be test.
  5. Well,So i don't see anything to not test you. You'll be tested by one of fh member in 5 maps(2custom + 3 random) Good Luck!
  6. Accepted,Welcome Our family!
  7. Hey,it seem good join request with good english. Tbh i curious;did you copied this from somewhere ? Because when you copy something in site and paste it a reply it seem with blackgraund. Also Write your game play in server.. Thanks for your Join request,Good Luck!
  8. Nice quality, i like it.Good Job!
  9. First off all Thank You For Writing us a Join request, I saw you yesterday for the first time and you dont even played 24-30 hours You'll be tested by one of the fH members on 5 maps (3 random + 2 custom) Good Luck! Also i wondering why did you leave those clans?
  10. I will be with the peace,Good Luck!
  11. Your test Declined! You haven't played in like 2 weeks almost after first test. Thanks for trying to help us with your everything and join request. You can try again later after being Active!
  12. Well Thanks for editing your join request,In my opinion you are loyal and friendly person. This join Request also Better than old one. Pianist,you'll be tested by one of the fH members on 5 maps (3 random + 2 custom) - you'll go for trial membership.(expect me) Good Luck!
  13. Faber Pass the retest today congratz Faber ! Welcome To our Family!
  14. Firstly its good join request,I know you are a good friend also you are active and that is what we need. Faber, you'll be tested by one of the fH members on 5 maps (3 random + 2 custom) - you'll go for trial membership. Good Luck!