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  1. I am sorry that you got 2 times kicked because of inactivity. This is not problem for me because u can do better i believe you. At Join request i can't see roughness so good job! You'll be tested by one of fh member on 5 maps(2 custom + 3 random)! Good Luck,Hope you see in fH!
  2. Well,Sometimes i dont understand your english but thats not problem u are human too.. You'll be tested by one of fh member on 5 maps(2 custom + 3 random) Good luck!
  3. I don't know how can i be sure about it did you stole this jr from somewhere? DDAS's server dead also sor hasn't got one.. BTW sorry for late reply i was in exam week..
  4. Skype: infroduz.mta if you want to contact me the time..
  5. Than there is no obstacle to test you. Good Luck!!
  6. Well,Thanks for your join request we glad to see that. Its Totally good and enough. If you had the game time already 24 hours,You'll be tested by one of fh member on 5 maps(2 custom +3 random) Good Luck! Best Regards))
  7. Its still less and your english isn't understandable
  8. Actually i want more information about your Join request.It's not enough. I see you in server mostly,you are active guy friendly.. See you After edit your Join Request.. Best Regards
  9. I really curious about that why you have 2 posts in join request and this one is for what..?
  10. Good English for communicate,I see you are active and friendly guy! Good Luck! You'll be test by one of fh member on 5 maps(3 random +2 custom)
  11. We dont have DD Squad Thanks for your join request.. Declined!
  12. It's not a enough join request also complicated... I don't even see you in server You must play 24 hours! Fix your Join Request and play 24 hours than we will discuss what we can do for you.
  13. Date: 3/4/17 Time:21:00 GMT+3 if you not available in this time add me in skype for new date and time : infroduz.mta
  14. when you are ready to be test.
  15. Well,So i don't see anything to not test you. You'll be tested by one of fh member in 5 maps(2custom + 3 random) Good Luck!