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  6. Your name (in-game): /TfF\Zeke Who are you reporting (in-game nick): fH-Permiss Explain what happened : Ok so he's really annoying , Everytime I fail on hard maps or basicly any map he must fucking say : "noob" , or some other shit, when I see it it really pisses me off , like wtf, can't he just shut up and not say anything ? , and btw one more thing , If i say some stuff while i was discussing , he always takes the retardest parts from it and makes it as a bind, like how retarded u need to be . (btw asked piet to make ignore script but idk what he answered , forgot , anyways i dont know who got him in fh with that kind of attitude , like srsly... do something please ) Screenshots and/or other proof: Im lazy but if u really really really need , ill try to search up for logs ( optic should know this stuff since i've been complaining to him for quite a while now)
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  8. optic mi luv <3
  9. this shit g ets me everytime so i just had to share it xd