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  1. Tested by fH-titn The test didn't give expected results, will be retested tomorrow!
  2. Tested by fH-Fire ACCEPTED for fHt-!
  3. Friendly and active player, good luck!
  4. Can you put a short description what this is?
  5. You're quit active, and while i saw you many times online, i don't remember any cases where you appeared negative to me, just a bit silent, but thats fine ^^. Good Luck with your Join Request!
  6. Hello dear fH community, since i became an administrator of the fH clan, i decided to write an introduction that people can think of who i am. My realname is Marvin, i'm currently 18 years old and still visiting the last year of german A-Level called "Gymnasium". My favorite subjects are maths and techniques. I learned to speak and write english in an adorable way, and i'm also still learning to speak and write spanish, which is, right now, ok i guess. My birthday is the 26th of December and i were born in a small city called Hameln. I'm still living close to it in a nearby village and my current school is also located in Hameln. Hameln has a pretty known story laying on it called "Pied Piper of Hamelin" which makes it a city with alot of daily tourists. A river is passing right through the city, and i'm used to cycle from my village on to my school for 30 mins all the time next to the river, making the route really beautiful. Back to me, i got 1 brother and 2 sisters, and i'm the youngest of them. Today my parents live divorced, and i'm living together with my brother and my father, which is actually quite unusual, since children tend to move to their mother instead to their father if they divorce. However both of my Sisters living in their own flats, and one of them also has a small family already, which brought me 2 nephews, and damn, i love these little plugs, and they love to play with me ^^. Apart from my family i also have friends with which i spend lot of time, nearly all of them do play games in every different categorys you can imagine. We're used to make some intern lans where everyone brings his PC with him, and then we play stuff together the whole evening which is most of the time really funny, sometimes we also play intern poker (with real bets) or organize other stuff like playing pool etc.. I'm getting off again, so i didn't really answer the question yet "who am i?". I'm just a guy fascinated by video games and maybe a bit addicted to them in some way. My real gaming Nick is FireDragonX8, i'm using this for many years already and i only reduce it to Fire on MTA, because otherwise i couldn't use any hexadecimal colorcode. I don't play only games in a specific category, i own 260 (some of them through humble bundles) games on steam, and i'm also used to play alot of them. My favorite game series is the Dark Souls serie, which i'm used to love to play it. I'm, depending on the game, a pretty casual gamer, since i play many games in a short period of time instead of focusing on one or two games at all, but still i'd say that i tend to be good in games at all. Often for example i join the mta server, play 2-3 maps, and then someone asks me to play game xy with him, so if i feel like to do it, i'm leaving the mta server again and play that game with the dude who asks me to. So if i have only a short stand on the server, you can be sure that i'm just playing another game. Current games for example which i did play atleast 1 time last 2 weeks: Multi Theft Auto Battlefield Hardline Dead by Daylight Counterstrike Globaloffensive League of Legends Rocket League Construction Simulator 2015 Spintires Garry's Mod (TTT) Portal Knights Sid Meier's Civilization V ShellShock Live Town of Salem Move or Die Payday 2 Eurotruck Simulator 2 (Multiplayer mod) Factorio Grand Theft Auto V As you can see that list is quite long^^ I can be contacted via Steam My website E-mail: [email protected] Skype: FireDragonX8 While writing this, i drifted of quite alot, so i'm not sure if everything questionable is said, if i left any question not answered, i would appreciate a comment with the comment. If you read till here, thanks for your attention.
  7. Hello, Since i'm a mapper i feel really disgusted to see and play unclean maps, so i provide the option to fix them for our server. Please fill the form in order to "report" a bad map with bugs or shortcuts. Thanks for your report and support, fH-Fire List of already fixed maps: If you're unhappy with any of the fixes stated in the list, feel free to write an comment or contact me to ask for a rework. --Form: Name of the map: <Insert mapname here> Kind of problem (mark with an X): Bugs [ ], Shortcuts [ ] Description of the exact problem: <Insert description here> How much interferes the problem with the map on a scale of 0 (doesnt interfere) to 10 (does heavily interfere) (write the number): - Interference on enjoyability (fun of the map) : - Interference on possibility (possibility of the map) :
  8. really would love to see you in the clan, gl with that jr pal.
  9. The Jr looks good. I'm not sure if i just hadn't meet you yet, but i didn't see you much around, anyways good luck
  10. i would only ask for people who really want to play, and if more than 5 people want, they become reserve and you'll see if they come to play or not. And doing that way can collide with your MVP idea which can lead to the consequence stated above, but remember, this is all blank theoretical. In this Situation i'd like to see a Strawpoll of the topic and let every Member cleary decide with yes or no, and we hope they think about possible consequence first and maybe deal with them, since the consequences only can be caused by other players, if no one will become mad or angry, everything should be fine with the MVP system, but as i said, im not willed to test it, but im only one voice of many in this clan.
  11. That isn't a possible solution for it, since some members are already short on time to train and play cw, even if they want to. They propably cant afford the time to play the cw within the cw. And from my point of view, i must say i rather play no cw than train maps to play the cw 1 time to maybe get postions in a few maps, to play them in the real cw again. To drive the same cw twice, even if one is clan-intern, you cant do that already, but even worse is, if you let people train the maps and they wont be even able to play them in the real cw because they might were unlucky on the "qualify".
  12. On the first touch it sounds like a good idea, which could improve the motivation on clan wars for every participant, but im worried that people will get to much into it. In a short example i can show the bad side of this idea: imagine, the one who's MVP Nr.1 will turn out to lay to much into it, starting to self-pride himself to much, telling that hes the best of our clan and behaving like hes the most important person here etc..., hes still a member of the clan like everyone else and its important that he realises, otherwise it causes other member of the clan to become angry on him, dislike him, maybe they're jealous, and that can lead to a bad mood within the clan. As said i like the idea itselfs, but im worried that people lay to much into it. My stated consequence is also only a possiblity which could happen, but it is still something we might need to think of first. Another argument about being jealous, people who will get the possiblity to play all maps, have ofc a higher chance to become MVP than someone who plays only 5 maps for us in the cw. The member who are playing less maps than other are in a disadvantage. Since only 5 player can play one map, they wont be all able to play the same amount of maps, even if they want, so they start complaining that they want to play the maps, even when others are supposed to play since they would to better on that point. As a consequence our team loses motivation during a cw, maybe we would even start a clan intern fight, and if we give every member the same chance to be become MVP, our cw strenght will be definetly decreased. (Im sorry for typing errors, i wrote this text with one hand while eating ice with the other one ^^) After some thinking, i disagree to this idea.