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  2. best player
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  4. nice meme
  5. edit skills
  6. uwh good luck on next one faber!
  7. fucking hell i had the same last night but with dsp exactly the fucking same
  8. he noob he noob but pro editing
  9. Dragon you fokin cont you forgot to add me
  11. They are beautiful
  12. XDDDDDd hope u like it enjoy xDDDDxdddXDDDD Dis is mah name: Anass pls dont bully me ill buy u some kebab My age is: 16 (im young ik) My in-game name is known as: permiss / kebab I am from: The Netherlands we like weed During mah play of MTA and a short MTA history: Before MTA i played SA-MP for 1/2 years and then my brother found this game: Multi Theft Auto. I was addicted to it that time, you still are you dumbass i played it every day like 4/5 hours. It was my favorite game, the most i liked was DM, i didn't like zombies i was scared of them (it was 8 years ago so i was a baby ). I seriously dont know what my first server was that i played, it was an OS server where i played for 1 year, but my second server i still remember, it was IP (INSANE-PLAYERS) there i met alot of friends and some mappers like Lisa, Iwanator and more... It was my favorite server till it got closed. After that i just played random servers, but now i found fH, i play alot in this server and thats why I'm making this JR. Servers i play on now xddDDDdddxddd: Nowadays i play fH and some random Hungarian servers like magyar modern city. About myself: i like kebab and my life sux. I game atleast 6 hours a day. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am a youtuber with 27 subs Juiceyproductions. Why i want to join dis 10/10 clan: Like the title said its 10/10 rated by IGN and most of the members dont like me so, ill bake them some kebab and make them happy Wat more sheit about me: i like kebab i like shoarma i liek hardstyle music my favorite drink is pressed kebab i smoke weed i have a life i play more games: WarRock MTA Ark survival Scrap mechanic Osu! TJOC. and eventually sub to me juiceyproductions vote for me and u get free kebab made from house
  13. follow my YT channel: juiceyproductions