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  1. Name: Enis Age: 18 In-game name: Spacy#! Country: Turkey Playing MTA since and a short MTA history: I started MTA at 2013.I didn't know modern dm,i played old school 1 year.After i found Fellow team server it was modern i always played on it.I was learn modern dm at 2015.When i bored Fellow team i joined MTR Modern Turkey Deathmatch.I saw pro players and i improved my skill with they.They teached me DM and HUNTER.at 2016 i found new servers,and the last i found this server.This is my history.. Servers I play on (nowadays): Empire Of Riders, Pro vegiled Skillers, Black Hawk Down, From Hell. <3 About myself:My name is Enis Ertanrıkulu,I Am 18 and live in turkey i like play computer games basketball,i am friendly,helpful,gorgeous person Why I would like to join fH- (a few sentences):İ would like to join fh because,they are very very nice friend.İ love they.İ like this comminity,I getting fun to play in here so i would like to join fh. Which servers did you play on? :ER,FT,XpR,PvS,05,/R\. Have you ever been a moderator/smod/admin?:Yes. Do you know scripting or mapping, maybe both?:İ mapper. How did you get into MTA?:My friend called me for play mta. Usually how many hours do you play MTA a day?:5 or 6 hours. Did you ever participated in a clan war? (If yes, who won, and how was it?):Yes we had won. Do you have a favorite mapper/map? (If yes, who/which?):Yes,Cookie. What are you doing in your freetime?:İ playin MTA,And playing football. Favourite music?:İ dont have favourite music but i like dubstep. Favourite food?:Pizza. Favourite drink?:Energy drink.