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  1. Name: Márió Age: 16 In-game name: .KLS! Country: Hungary Playing MTA since and a short MTA history: I'm used to playing a lot of SA:MP . I started to play MTA 2010 August . It's bad enough my computer was at 30 fps maybe. I did not play much DM .I play my home server because I played not so much lags, then I got a better computer and started to play with other servers . The first server I sticked on called eXo| and [SKC]. Then searched Hungarian servers and [GoD] server I played 3-4 years if not more. Then a friend of mine I did for a Hungarian clan which went for 1 year Servers I play on (nowadays): Mostly on fH- nowadays About myself: In my free time I play football in Baja (BLSE) playing soccer for 12 years,1 years out there playing soccer in Germany Stuttgart VfB . I'm listening to music I'm watching tv ,to others Why I would like to join fH- (a few sentences): I would like to join this clan, because all of the fully members are very kind. Which servers did you play on? Have you ever been a moderator/smod/admin? Yes Do you know scripting or mapping, maybe both?mapper How did you get into MTA? My friend told me that there is Usually how many hours do you play MTA a day? 3-4 Did you ever participated in a clan war? (If yes, who won, and how was it?)Yes How can you help us to improve? everything in my power Do you have a favorite mapper/map? (If yes, who/which?)Yes , Vortex What are you doing in your freetime? Football Favourite music? I love Minimal and Nigga . Favourite food? Kebab Favourite drink? I dont have drink R.I.P English 2016